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Home Health Aide Job Description

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The job responsibilities of a Home Health aide reach beyond basic medical care. This list displays the wide variety of the Home Health Aides responsibilities.

The Home Health Aide job description is much more than providing basic medical assistance patients, or as they are sometimes referred, clients.  The fact that the job is performed in someone’s home makes it unique in the health care industry.  Below we have outlined the basic tasks that an HHA may be required to perform on a daily basis and what an aspiring Home Health Aide will learn in a typical HHA Training course.  Keep in mind that every patient is different and some may only require companionship and someone to monitor their general health.

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

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Since the Home Health Aide Job Description contains a variety of duties we have broken down the task list into two sections.  The first section lists medical related tasks, and the second section lists non-medical activities a Home Health Aide may be asked to perform.

Medical Duties of a Home Health Aide

  • Observe the patients general health condition, progress, or any unusual health issues and maintain daily records to share with family or agency.
  • Periodically check patients temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.
  • Assist patient getting in and out of bed, wheelchairs, and baths.
  • Observe and assist patient with taking medications.
  • Accompany patient to doctor appointments.
  • Assist patient with basic medical equipment if the Aide has been properly trained.

Non-Medical Duties of a Home Health Aide

  • Offer companionship
  • Provide patients with help with dressing and grooming.
  • Assist with changing bed linens, doing laundry, house cleaning, or assisting with their personal care.
  • Read aloud to the patient or play card or board games.
  • Shop for groceries and plan and prepare meals for patient and other family members.
  • Encourage the patient to exercise or perform basic physical activities if possible.
  • Accompany patient on trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance, and companionship.
  • Help patient and family adapt to a disability or long term illness, including providing emotional support.
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Interact with other service providers on behalf of the patient, including deliveries or maintenance providers such as landscapers or repairmen.

Much More than a Home Health Nurse

As you can see, the job description of a Home Health Aide contains a lot more than simply being a nurse.  The medical aspects of the job are important, but you need to remember that every patient is a person and beyond their medical needs they have personal needs that can not be taken for granted. A great Home Health Aide can help turn what might be a difficult situation for a patient, into a positive and rewarding experience for both patient and provider.

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